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Pretty in Pink this dress is about as feminine as you could be.  Elastic shirred bodice, puffy sleeve detail that works both on off and on the shoulder so that you can wear a regular bra. 

The skirt is thoughtfully tiered so that it is as flattering on so many shapes - it definitely has the flick factor.


Made from 100% polyester and the skirt is fully lined and perfect for a garden wedding, the races or wear with sneakers for a more casual look.


This dress is true to size.

SIZING (all measurements are taken with dress lying flat from front side.  Double for circumference of outfit).

BUST (unstretched) XL 42cm , L 39cm, M 36.5cm , S 34cm, XS 32cm

BUST (stretched) XL 61cm, L 58cm, M 56cm, S 52cm, XS 49cM 

WAIST (unstretched) XL 42cm, L 39cm, M 33cm, S 30cm, XS 26cm

WAIST (stretched) XL 56cm, L 54cm, M 53cm, S 50cm, XS 44cm

HIP  XL 68cm, L 67cm, M 64cm, S 62cm, XS 56cm

SLEEVE XL 55.5cm, L 54cm, S 49cm, XS 47.5cm

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