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Themyscira Dress

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This dress has all the Wonder Woman vibes.

The fabric is a brown peacock print with good thumb print overlay.  Please note, this metallic overlay will fade with wear and tear. To preserve hand wash or dry clean garment.

Elastic bodice with double frill neckline and spaghetti straps and a tie feature that can be decorative or used to create a halter neck.

The bottom of the dress is A-line.


Flat Lay measurements.  Bust area is stretchy and skirt is flared.

SMALL Bust 35.5cm, Waist 31.5cm, Hips 63cm, Length 104cm

MEDIUM Bust 40cm, Waist 35cm, Hips 66cm, Length 105cm

LARGE Bust 42cm, Waist 38cm, Hips 72cm, Length 106cm

X LARGE Bust 45cm, Waist 42cm, Hips 78cm, Length 107cm

XX LARGE Bust 47cm, Waist 44cm, Hips 84cm, Length 108cm




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