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Jetset  is one of my best dresses yet.
The body of the dress is based on the Sofia dress silhouette and pattern but with the addition of very comfortable, shorter length bubble sleeves. Sleeves are to the mid arm but can be pushed up( just so you have the option of a longer sleeves for those that do not like to show much arm). 

This dress looks so expensive and is so comfortable to wear that I have reached for it to wear on long flights ( hence the name), and I still feel like I look fresh and elegant when I get off the plane.

The dress has fully functional buttons from neck to knee, it has a black collar and matching black fabric belt.
The dress is dropped waist with the belt cinching you in at the waist if you are after more shape. The dress has pockets that are just under the dropped waist seam. 
The belt is an elastic slide clasp belt in black that can be used for more than just the Jetset dress.

The dress is 100% polyester

PRINT PLACEMENT will vary.  The centrefront black and gold stripes are guaranteed on each style but the horizontal stripe will vary amongst sizes. 


These measurements are FRONT side only of garment. Almost double for circumference.

Bust: Small 45cm, Medium 48cm, Large 50cm, XL 52cm, XXL 56cm

Waist: Small 49cm, Medium 51cm, Large 53cm, XL 56cm, XXL 62cm

Hips: Small 57cm, Medium 59cm,
Large 61cm, XL 65cm, XXL 67cm

Length: Small 122cm, Medium 123cm, Large 124cm, XL 126cm, XXL 127cm.

This style is dropped waist with an elastic belt and pockets.

You can wear it without the belt too.

The bust is the most important measurement to fit.

If you do not want to wear this style fully buttoned then you get about 2-3cm more on the bust with it worn open ( 3 buttons open which takes to you the top of your bust level.

Fabric is 100% polyester.
Print placement will vary slightly but all have the bold black vertical line down the centre front of the dress.

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